Hey guys, I am Alex and this is my first blog post. Week 1 of training at Data School has been very exciting for me. From learning Alteryx for the first time (and regretting the fact that I did not recognise its potential earlier!) to practising for client presentations, the training has been both challenging yet rewarding. In this blog post, I hope to share with prospective data-schoolers some tips when applying for the Data School. Note that the process of qualifying for the Data School is different from most organisations. Your capabilities are not judged by your background, but rather defined by your motivation and desire to learn. A cover letter or CV is neither required nor expected. My first advice would be to…


Attend the Meet and Greet Event

This event is a great chance to find out more about the Data School. While you are there, have a chat with current (and potentially future) data-schoolers to learn more about the training at the Data School. You also get to meet Craig as well as the friendly staff at MIP. Look out for any upcoming events on eventbrite or the Data School website.


Preparing for the Interviews

Apply early here so that you have time to refine your submission. The first interview can be daunting. Look for a data set that you enjoy working with and find interesting angles to explore this through Tableau. Be prepared to spend some time learning about your data and how Tableau works.

The second interview involves a presentation of your work on a large data set. Try to blend this with another relevant data set to generate further insights and report on anomalous or unique observations. In both cases, send your Viz in early so that you can get some valuable feedback to further improve your Viz. This is essential and demonstrates your resolve in learning. I found it helpful to look up some of the past presentations by data-schoolers (Click on their picture or name and look for Tableau Public profile).


Get Active on Social Media

Networking is a big part of life as a data analytics consultant. Being active on LinkedIn and Twitter and is useful in raising your online profile. Participating in the Tableau or Alteryx online community is also a good way to improve your skills.


And Finally…

I hope that this blog post has helped you in some way. Good luck and have fun with your Viz!




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Alex Chan
Author: Alex Chan