Meet & Greet events at the Data School are a great way for prospective applicants to learn more about the work at the School. At the most recent event, I volunteered to demonstrate some of the capabilities of Tableau. The experience was also a chance for me to improve my public speaking skills.



Tableau tips and where to find data sets

From speaking to potential applicants, I found that a common question was in relation to the choice of the data set for the application Viz. My best advice would be to select a data set that is most appealing to you and that would motivate you to spend time analysing for insightful observations.


Two great resources that I found and used for the event were from

  1. Tableau article on free public data setsĀ 
  2. Links to data sets on the Tableau Community Forums


There are many Youtube videos that can help improve your understanding of Tableau. I recommend this video, which is a contest (on the most tips in a set amount of time) between Tableau Zen Masters Andy Kriebel and Jeffrey Shaffer. There is also a very informative recording from Tableau Conference Europe 2019 on Viz in Tooltips. I have attached the link here.



Zoom in feature on Viz in Tooltips

During the Meet & Greet event, I presented a Viz in Tooltip that provide a more granular view of the average price of Airbnb listings around a selected location. Below is an example of the Viz in Tooltip:

Magnified View of nearby listings


Ideally, it would be better to visualise listing prices by suburb. However, I did not have geographic information to filter by Sydney suburb names. So, I instead filtered the tooltip view by the rounded value of individual coordinates. Here is an example of the calculation in Tableau:


Rounded Longitude


I then insert the rounded values for latitude and longitude into the filter in the Viz in Tooltip:


With this last step, I would be able to visualise the distribution of prices around a particular Airbnb listing. I hope that this blog post was useful for current and future applicants. Good luck to all applicants and have fun creating your application Viz!


Alex Chan
Author: Alex Chan