In order to convert hand-drawn SVGs (made with Inkscape) to Tableau I made an aletryx workflow that seems to work.

This post from the information labĀ  goes through steps to trace a bitmap of an image, but this is not what I want, I wanted to make a hand drawn custom shape in inkscape and then put that into tableau.

here’s a link to my workflow, in the input have your SVG file and set it to be a XML file for alteryx to read in. So far with testing it seems to work

you want to make sure that the input file is configured like below

To test out the workflow I made a simple shape in Inkscape (see below). Please make sure when you draw a shape like this, you add nodes to the drawings after. Tableau sometimes cuts off parts of the shape if cannot detect a smooth curve. You can add nodes to the shape by clicking on the shape with the “edit paths by node tool” (F2) and then on the top left of the page there will be a square shape with a plus on top, highlight the nodes of your shape and click that button. This button can be seen highlighted in the picture too.


Once the workflow in alteryx has run, in Tableau put X and Y on the rows and columns, make sure they are dimensions. Put Id on the colour, polygon id on details, and Path Id on the path of the polygon mark.

Hope this helps some people