Day 4 of Dashboard week involved using API’s and a website called Eventful. The Task was to get information from the website and create a dashboard.

Reading through the websites documentation on how to use their api key, it seemed a little confusing at first. It wasn’t set up how with full examples like I am use to on google places api documentation. Eventually I was able to pull some data, choosing the category of future food & wine events in all of the states capitals.

First steps after doing a bit of alteryx work, was to investigate the data that I had pulled in. I noticed that I would have to go back into alteryx for a few of the fields, as they needed a little bit of regex magic to tidy them up. I also decided that I wanted to create subcategories for the events, even though i asked for the subcategories to be pulled with the api my data had none. I created the subcategories in tableau, looking for keywords that was in the titles and descriptions of the events.

Next step was to create a timeline of when each event was happening. I notices that a few of my dates were past events, so i quickly made a filter to only include the future dates. On top of this I decided it would be great to easily see what events were going to be over a weekend. By using a couple of calculations I was able to create this and also the duration of each event.

Next it was time to create some summary charts, giving the total events per state, per category and the number of free events.

Finally it was time to put everything I had so far into a dashboard and apply some actions.

Alice Rooney
Author: Alice Rooney