The past 4 months have flown by and it is crazy to think about everything that The Data School has taught me. There was definitely some challenges along the way, with back to back clients and dashboard week. But 100% worth it!


New Skills

Having used Alteryx Zero times and my only knowledge of Tableau was from the application process prior to commencing training, there was a lot I could learn. And the Data School went above and beyond what I expected with the techniques and material covered. From learning how to clean and prep data, spatial data, API’s and then learning Level of Details Calculation. I never imaged that I would be scraping data from the web, building macros and apps. I remember at the start one tool in particular confused me and I didn’t think I would use it often, RegEx. It has become one of my favourite tools in Alteryx and it always sparks joy when I get the information I want from it.

I knew that there were many different chart types that could be created but my entire university degree involved scatter plots and bar charts. So I found it exciting to learn how and when to use a whole range of chart types. On top of that tips and tricks, such as how just some little formatting can make a big difference to a dashboard.

The Friday challenges and client weeks helped me with my time management, prioritising tasks and my soft skills. Something that I have never been confident with is my public speaking and my soft skills. From my previous experiences, I already knew my areas that needed the most improvement. So, I found having a weekly presentation a great environment to develop my soft skills. Particularly the in-class challenges, where I was able to get feedback on not only my dashboards but how I presented myself as well. I felt much more comfortable and confident going into presenting to clients having practised and developed my presenting style in a safe space. With back to back client weeks quickly getting our skill levels up and how to deliver work quickly.

I can also proudly say that I have passed the Tableau Desktop and Alteryx Core Certifications, which demonstrate how much we learn in a short amount of time.


The Team

One of the best parts about the Data School training was not only being able to train alongside other data passionate individuals but the trainers and the special guest that come in. Each trainer and guest brought new information and expertise, which gave us numerous brains to pick at. I find learning from people where it is obvious how passionate they are about data, to be a far greater experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best and by a team who gets excited about what they are teaching.


What Advice can I give to future Data Schoolers?

My main advice would be to enjoy and embrace every moment.  There is no doubt that the training is intense, there are many tools and tricks for Alteryx and Tableau that need to be covered. So don’t be put off when people are able to complete tasks at a different speed than yourself. Don’t compare yourself to others, our brains all learn in different ways. Reflecting back over the 16 weeks of training, I am grateful being pushed out of my comfort zone and the skills and knowledge that I have acquired.

Looking forward too many more challenges and my first placement and building on the skills I have learnt further.

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Alice Rooney
Author: Alice Rooney