It is day 2 of our dashboard week. Our team perform the first project very well, everyone finished their task on time with high standards. The first topic is very fun, we can see that everyone’s dashboard tends to look at data from a different angle. Dashboard week provides us a great opportunity to learn from peers. And my advice is that pay great attention to others’ presentations even though you are busy editing your own work (It happened to me that I kept adjusting my work until the last minute!). And I missed out on fun parts in others’ work where I could get more ideas and technical skills for my future work improvement.

We got YouTube Trending data to make a dashboard this time! This is a very related topic to our daily life. I watched YouTube every day for music and short entertainment videos.

This time Alteryx part is not too tedious! Here is the Macro I built and the data I used is the combination of American and Canada trending files.

When I was building the tableau dashboard, I tried to get a nice format design. And I picked funnel charts and calendar filter! It helps me to get a nice and neat A4-size dashboard! And luckily the functionality works very well. I can look into the data on a particular date as the given data sets offered that many details! I can use the calendar filter to select a range of dates or just pick “Saturday” to analyze the trend. Pretty fun when I used my dashboard to navigate the data! Feel free to try on my tableau public by clicking this Youtube | Tableau Public.


Alisa Su
Author: Alisa Su