Today we were given London Fire Brigade data sets, the good thing is that the data is quite clean, and the challenging side would be the spatial tools are required to transfer the location information.

After doing two dashboards this week, my speed in building up the dashboard increased but understanding the data and trying to find the insight is now more important than building the dashboard itself. That part is pretty difficult to achieve during short time constrain. When we were put on a time limit on a project, somehow the priority did shift.

This time I spent lots of time exploring the data and trying to understand the whole. But that turns out to be the drawback, the more things I tried to dig out, I tend to feel lost in the data and not sure where to focus. The lesson for my next dashboard is to find a particular aspect and go deep on that area only.
Here is the screenshot for my final dashboard, some possible changes regarding the functionality of the map could be improved and the graph could be better shown and support a conclusion. The topic and summary can be further highlighted if I have more time to improve this work.


Alisa Su
Author: Alisa Su