Our Day 4 data is about The Legatum Prosperity Index. When I received the data, the first question coming to my mind is simple and straight:

What is Prosperity?

Prosperity is an open and wide topic, different people could have different opinions and definition of prosperity can vary from country to country, people to people. In this index, there are 12 pillars of prosperity. Let’s have a glance at all pillars:

  1. Safety and Security
  2. Personal Freedom
  3. Governance
  4. Social Capital
  5. Investment Environment
  6. Enterprise Conditions
  7. Infrastructure and Market Access
  8. Economic Quality
  9. Living Conditions
  10. Health
  11. Education
  12. Natural Environment


That’s a lot of information, there are also 67 elements and 300 indicators in this data. I have to admit that I feel lost concentration in this wide range of information. To find a good topic to focus and deliver it in neat charts is a big challenging for me today. But I do like this data set, because it offers us an opportunity to explore it to a large extend. My opinion about prosperity is that Safety and Security is a vital element, so my dashboard is focusing on this pillar. Check my analysis on this link dashboard

Alisa Su
Author: Alisa Su