Should we drink today or tomorrow? The answer is we can drink today and tomorrow! Because it is the last day of our dashboard week!

We finally passed through 4/5 tasks and faced the last one! How exciting is it!

The data sets were given out on Friday morning 9am, so everyone has an equal amount of time to work on them. The biggest difference between this task and previous ones is that we have an even shorter amount of time to accomplish it (we can’t work overnight on this one!). Our presentation is at 3 pm, but we need to hear Melbourne team’s presentation regarding their weekly challenge, so I time myself to finish the task before 1 pm. The timing is very tight, during 4 hours period, I need to finish researching, data cleaning, analyzing given data, finding a topic, trying different graphs, designing the dashboard, formatting, and lunch!!! Sounds like an impossible mission, right? But we were trained to make the impossible possible.

The data FAOSTAT has Consumer Price Indices, Monthly and Annual Producer Prices. To quickly get into a topic, I choose Consumer Price Index to analyze, and I designed my dashboard to have a specific function for users. Have a glance at what I got:

The function is that you can select a country to see how the price of food changed over years, I screenshot “Australia” Food Price, type a price, saying I spent ”$200” in 2015 to buy a basket of food, that amount of food would only cost $131 in 2000, and $249 in 2021. The price of food increased steadily in Australia!

If you want to see an interesting pattern, please try “Sudan” in country filter to see what happened there. I’m sure you will be surprised.

The original work of my dashboard can be found here on Tableau Public. If you find some interesting facts regarding food price, I’m very happy to hear about it!

Alisa Su
Author: Alisa Su