Here comes our dashboard week, it has been moved forward one week. To be honest, I’m not 100% ready to make one dashboard per day continuedly for a week.

It is a big training for me to time myself in doing a project. The first topic we got is about Japanese Anime. Before touching the data, I’m not very familiar with this field while most people are big fan of Japanese Anime and find it fun to explore the data. A quick searching on google would be a wise choice before I think of a topic to focus on.

One difficulty about this challenging lie on the first Alteryx part. We need to use API tools, that feels like long time back memory for me. I spent more than half of the day to get the information I need for tableau dashboard building.

Here is a quick show of my Alteryx workflow:


It happened to me that the information I got from some URLs is too limited and I need to try a few URLs to get more sources out of the web. The Alteryx workflow will be a bit different depending on the structure of data I’m getting.
My tableau-building took much less time than Alteryx. Here is my final dashboard:

The function of this dashboard is to help me find the anime that have most people like. By using parameters, I can find Top N or Bottom N Anime and narrow my search down to the type and score of the anime I want to watch. After building this dashboard and playing around with the function, I can become a big fan of Japanese anime! Explore more on this link Tableau Public.

Alisa Su
Author: Alisa Su