It is week 10 from the first day I joined The Data School. And do I feel that I’m left behind? Yes, I do, but not so much as before.

I still have a fresh memory of my first-week learning. It is the most difficult week. Tableau and Alteryx are completely new worlds for me, I originally thought that it should be as simple as Excel and it is something I can handle learning by self- studying. But I was wrong, before applying for The data school, I did some self-learning courses on Tableau, I didn’t find it too hard because there were tons of learning resources online, I can pick my favorite channel to learn. Simple, Easy, and Fun! But if you feel that you have all the skills to become a Tableau expert by one month of learning, you might need to rethink that.

My journey of learning is like this:
The first stage, I believe that it is easy and straightforward! I don’t need to spend too much time on it!
In the second stage, why there are so many hidden functions that I did not know before?
The third stage, I know how to draw a nice graph, how to use them in the real data, and how to convey my findings to audiences.
The fourth stage, the more details I go into, the broader areas I find that I need to improve on, the wider way of thinking I have, and I need to keep on studying to improve my work standard and accuracy.

Learning path never has an end, but good to have nice team members and experienced coach along the way! Not like university courses or online learning experience, I never feel lonely in The Data School, I always can get fast help in here, that’s the vibe for my learning and I never want to stop progressing for my new career chapter!

Alisa Su
Author: Alisa Su