This weekend I tried my first Alteryx core exam. I want to point out a couple of mistakes so you don’t make the same mistakes as I did.

  • I opened two computers for the exam, my big screen to view the questions and my data school laptop for Alteryx workflow. Better not to do this if you don’t have Alteryx software installed in both. I ended up downloading the Question Excel file from one computer and transferring it to the next for conducting.
  • There are some tricky questions in the exam. Always try it out in Alteryx rather than use common understanding as your answer. When I tried it out in Alteryx, I found my first guesses are usually wrong!
  • I ran out of time for the second half of the exam, so have some Alteryx workflows built and ready to use before the exam. Some workflows are very similar to practice questions. Have them saved and opened; it helps to save time by just changing some elements in the exam.
  • Another small and silly tip from me is not to open a laptop overnight because it becomes very slow, and Alteryx easily crashes. My Alteryx work page turned not responding three times. Wasting amount of time getting it back to use.


My first Alteryx test wasn’t going too well, but you can avoid my mistakes for your future attempts. Good Luck and fight for it!

Alisa Su
Author: Alisa Su