Weekdays are usually busy, fast-paced and challenging for me. But I always can find a space to excuse myself from daily routine and Spend time with friends for some relaxing activities.

I will show you how I will spend my weekend in a Cylinder Chart!

First thing is to create a simple table, detailing the percentage of time I will spend on each activity.

Now we can begin to structure the graph in tableau.

Create bin for “Path” and make calculated fields as following:

Put the dimensions into the right fields as below and assign the shapes of Cylinder images!

Tips: put Path(bin) to column and tick “show missing values” and then drag it to Marks card. The graph will now look like this:

Then move “index” to Rows, change shape to light grey cylinder then dual axis and synchronize. Remove “Measure Name” from color shelf. Then you will have

Do some formatting and make it personalized. Job Done!

Alisa Su
Author: Alisa Su