I’m 13 weeks in and this was the long-awaited ‘dashboard week’. On our third day, we were supplied with a data set from the Plane Crash Database. For today’s post, I will go over my approach and how I ended up with my current dashboard. I will focus on how I planned ahead and then how I ended up building my dashboard.

The Approach -The Plan

Webscraping/Regex is one my biggest weaknesses topics in data school program. I had a quick glimpse of the data and I knew instantly I needed to use a smaller dataset. The data ranged from 1920 to 2021, which is almost over a century of plane crash data. And then it will each year has two levels of access. i.e 2021 Year –> Flight based on Dates. I’ve always had an interest in looking at data that Covid has affected. Especially since there was a blanket ban on air travel. So it got me curious, why would there still be plane crashes even though there was a ban on air travel? And so this was my take on approach for day 3, I wanted to analyse the air crashes that occurred during or since Covid started.

Next Steps – My idea

My idea was to try to build an infographic dashboard. I had the idea in mind because I always wanted to produce a dashboard of that calibre. I began with the sketch and I knew that since these were flight routes, a flight path of some sort could be integrated. From then, I built and cleaned the data as needed.

Final Steps – The execution

The first thing I did was pull the data into alteryx. I always go for one successful data pull and then I will scale it up. I managed to get that done, but unfortunately, I was not getting the geo spatial data I was intending…
And so the 2nd part of the flow I integrated google geo code API and I was able to get Lats and Longs of all the Origin and Destination cities of the flights. From then I was able to build up Makeline and Distance in Tableau. The only problem I had was with two of the Sudan cities, they were linking them up to Cities in the US. To counter this I made calculations that made their Origin Cities and Destination cities the same.

Anthony Wong
Author: Anthony Wong