For Data enthusiasts who want to become Data Analysts, The Data School is a great place. I put down the top 5 reasons for why The Data School was appealing to me.

Recruitment Process

The recruitment process gives a very good understanding of what you should expect as a Data Analyst Consultant at The Data School.  There are many blogs by previous cohorts on how to successfully make it through the recruitment process.


The support you get from The Data School is tremendous even before you join them.  You get feedback at all stages of the recruitment process, and they strongly encourage you to connect with other data schoolers or ask The Data School itself if you are stuck or need help.


You will be trained in Tableau and Alteryx predominantly but will also briefly learn other tools such as Power BI.  You will also be certified by the end of the first four months of training in Alteryx and Tableau.  In addition to technical skills, you will also be trained in soft skills.

People and Culture

Sharing is a vital part of The Data School where we are encouraged to share our knowledge with clients, between your fellow team members or through blogs and webinars that are held by The Data School Down Under.  The blogs written by data schoolers have great tips.


Last but not the least is Placements!  The great thing about The Data School is that not only do you get trained by qualified people, you also get to put all the theory you learnt in the class into practice with real clients through the placements.  The Data School does the hard work of finding the right placements for you.

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Anusha Kola
Author: Anusha Kola