Three down, One more to go! Today, we were given the data on Museum of Modern Arts Collection. At first glance, it looks like the data doesn’t need a lot of cleaning but that wasn’t the case.  When multiples Artists were associated with one item in the collection it was entered as a single row where all the Artists were listed in one cell separated by a comma.  To get the correct number of items associated with the Artist, we needed the data to be one Artist per item, needless to say that required data cleaning and transformation.

After the data was cleaned and transformed in Alteryx, it was time to build the dashboard in Tableau. I looked at the collection items/objects over the years and the different classifications the objects were assigned and the Artists.  Using the dashboard you can find the objects acquired in a year of interest.  You can also find the classification of the acquired object for the year of interest and the top 10 Artists.


Here is the link to the dashboard in Tableau Public MoMA Dashboard | Tableau Public


Anusha Kola
Author: Anusha Kola