When you have multiple sheets with the same column headers in excel, rather than bring in one sheet at a time through the input tool in Alteryx you can use the dynamic input tool to bring all sheets into Alteryx at one go.

There are 5 sheets in this file for five states with the same column headers in all sheets.

  1. To get all the sheet names use the input tool in Alteryx and select the import only the list of sheet names under Select Excel Input tab.

  1. Bring in the Dynamic Input tool and using the Edit button in the configuration window select the file and for the Field select Sheet Names.

  1. In the select Excel input window for the Dynamic Input tool select the Select a sheet option.

  1. Run the workflow to see the output of the Dynamic Input tool.

There were 7 rows in each sheet therefore from 5 sheets there 35 records in the output.


Anusha Kola
Author: Anusha Kola