I recently passed the core exam and here is how I prepared for it.  It is a free exam to take, you can sit it once to get a feel for what will be in the exam.

How you prepare for the Alteryx Designer Core Exam depends on how much experience you have in using Alteryx Designer. I followed the exam prep guide on the Alteryx website (https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/ayx.policies/Core+Certification+Exam+Prep+Guide.pdf)

The interactive videos help to learn more about the tools. If you know how to use the tools quite well you may skip the interactive videos. The 4 prep videos although an hour long each give you a really good idea of what is to be expected in the exam and they also give you tips on some of the areas that will be tested. I found Part 4 of the prep videos helpful. In the video they tell you how many questions will be asked from each category.  This helped me to prepare for the exam.


I Familiarised myself with the examples of the tools that will be tested in the exam.  I also made sure I knew the limitations and functionalities of the tools.

Alteryx help pages on Keyboard shortcuts, Alteryx file types and date specifiers and delimiters were open in my web browser. You should have help pages open on any of the tools/topics you are not so sure about. Make sure you don’t forget to prepare for the General questions, which include workflow dependencies, workflow constants and workflow optimisation to name a few.

During the exam I quickly put in some data from some of the questions into the text input tool to get the answers. I also had to pay close attention to the multiple-choice options, some of the options are almost identical.

If I was unsure about a question I selected my best guess, flag it, and moved to the next question. I went back to the flagged questions as I had time at the end and spent more time on them.

Anusha Kola
Author: Anusha Kola