First plot your chart, in this instance I have used Sample-Superstore data to plot profit per sub-category in each category.  For this I dragged the Profit (measure) to columns and category and sub-category (dimensions) to rows in that order.

Drag Profit to colour on the marks card and sort sub-category in descending order.

Click on the colour tab in marks card and click on Edit Colours…

In the Edit Colours window, tick the stepped colour check box and choose 2 steps.

Double click on the colours if you wish to change the colours.

Click on << Advanced tab and tick the centre check box and type in 0 and click ok.

If you want labels to appear, tick show marks check box in the Label tab on marks card.

In a glimpse we can see that Bookcases and Tables in Furniture category and Supplies in Office Supplies category have not been profitable.

Anusha Kola
Author: Anusha Kola