Today we were given a data set which had food nutrient information along with Food Details, Recipe information and  measure for each food item.

My approach was to start with Recipe data and figure out the nutrient information and calorie details for each of the recipes. The problem was that the file had data per 100 gm of recipe and there was  ingredient weight /per recipe . I wanted a dynamic way to select the portion size for each of the recipe/Ingredient selected. I wanted to give the users option to select more than one recipe at a time.

My first thought was to use Set actions. However figuring out how to store the portion sizes for each recipe ingredient  dynamically was difficult.  I created a separate excel with portion sizes(1-10) alone and cross joining with the recipe data. So for each recipe , I have a row with predefined portion .

Then I created a concatenated field [Recipe ingredient]+[Portion]  and used this field to create Set . Below is a snap shot of how users can select the portion. So when user selects  Apple and portion size 2,with the help of set actions, the value that get store in set will be ” Apple,golden delicious,unpeeled,raw2″. Clearing the selection should “Keep all value” in the set


Used the set in filter and created calculated field weight_portion as [Portion]*[Ingredient  Weight (g)].

This solved the problem of dynamically assigning portions to ingredient/recipe.

In order to reset the values of set  , I created a dummy field as ” Reset”. Drag it on to a new sheet. “Reset” will repeat for the number of ingredient selected in your set.

Adjust the size of field so that only one “Reset” word is visible. Create a set action to  add values to set on clicking “Reset” and Remove all values from set on clearing the selection.

This will remove all values from Set and  you can start selecting new recipe /portions again.

Asha Surabhi
Author: Asha Surabhi

Asha is a Computer Science graduate with 8+ years of experience as a BI Developer. She worked on different reporting tools, databases and have good understanding of data warehouse concepts. Her previous experiences were in Healthcare and Banking domain. She started learning Tableau after a long career break and instantly got hooked to the creative visualisations in the Tableau community. She loves to create custom charts and loves the flexibility of Tableau to create stunning visualisations. She also dived into data analytics and found bringing meaning to raw data and finding new insight interesting. She came to know about Data School while doing Makeover Monday projects and found it the perfect opportunity to work on real life situations. In her free time, she loves reading and painting.