Fifth and Final Day of Dashboard week! The Data set for today was US County Business Patterns.

The Data is from 2017-2020 and had details on number of establishments, employment, first quarter payroll and annual payroll for each congressional district. The original data can be found at

For the final day , we had only few hours to finish the dashboard. So I decided to narrow down my focus .I wanted to look at the different industries and what the trends were in terms of employment and annual payroll in different states. I also wanted to find out the state which offered more employment opportunity and look at any correlation between employment and  annual payroll.

Prep the Data

Data for each year was in a separate excel. It required only few tools to prep the data. Below is a screenshot pf my Alteryx workflow. I repeated the same steps for all years and combined them using ‘union tool’  for the final output.


For the Dashboard , I went with a trellis chart as it would show me the trend for all states in a single view. It would also give me an opportunity to use a different type of chart. After all ,Dashboard week is when we can try new things and test our capability .


For most of the industries, there was not much ups and downs in terms of employment / annual payroll. Mining industry had downward trend in few states like North Dakota, Oklahoma , Wyoming etc. Utilities industry had an increase in employment in most states. Similar trend was observed for ‘Management of companies and enterprises’ industry. Link to Dashboard.

My Thoughts For The Day

Since there was less time , I had greatly narrowed down my scope. However I found that I could do more in the given time. But setting the tone for the day earlier discouraged me to improve on my initial plans. So maybe don’t restrict yourself . Come up with ideas and prioritize rather than restricting yourself !

Although the Dashboard week was stressful, I learned a lot. I know what I am good at and  where I need to improve.   My time boxing abilities were terrible ,but  I do have some ideas to try in future and above all I had fun working with some of the data sets and would love to improve my Dashboards  in future!!!!!!


Asha Surabhi
Author: Asha Surabhi

Asha is a Computer Science graduate with 8+ years of experience as a BI Developer. She worked on different reporting tools, databases and have good understanding of data warehouse concepts. Her previous experiences were in Healthcare and Banking domain. She started learning Tableau after a long career break and instantly got hooked to the creative visualisations in the Tableau community. She loves to create custom charts and loves the flexibility of Tableau to create stunning visualisations. She also dived into data analytics and found bringing meaning to raw data and finding new insight interesting. She came to know about Data School while doing Makeover Monday projects and found it the perfect opportunity to work on real life situations. In her free time, she loves reading and painting.