If you need to switch between two completely  different visualization with different number of measures, dimensions ,filters or chart types like a map or bar in the same space on your dashboard you can use containers along with parameter.

Lets look at an example

We have a Bar chart and a Map. I need to switch between them on my Dashboard in the same space.

Bar Chart.


Create a parameter  with Values as ‘Bar’ and ‘Map’ .

Create Calculated Field ‘Select_View’

Go to the sheet with Bar Chart. Show Parameter ‘Select View’. Select the value ‘Bar’.

Drag and drop the calculated field Select_View to the filter. Check the  Value ‘Bar’

Go to the sheet with Map. Show Paramater  and select value ‘Map’.Drag the calculated field ‘Select_View’ to filter and  check the value ‘Map’.

Putting the Charts on Dashboard

Create a new Dashboard. Drag a vertical container into the dashboard. Drag both charts to the container.

Make sure the layout is like below.

The view on the dashboard  when Bar is selected.

As You can see the title is not hidden when we select the different views. To remove the title. Click on the chart. Go to More options and untick the Title.

Do this for the Bar chart as well.

That’s it !! You can now switch between the views and it will show up on the same space on your dashboard.

Asha Surabhi
Author: Asha Surabhi

Asha is a Computer Science graduate with 8+ years of experience as a BI Developer. She worked on different reporting tools, databases and have good understanding of data warehouse concepts. Her previous experiences were in Healthcare and Banking domain. She started learning Tableau after a long career break and instantly got hooked to the creative visualisations in the Tableau community. She loves to create custom charts and loves the flexibility of Tableau to create stunning visualisations. She also dived into data analytics and found bringing meaning to raw data and finding new insight interesting. She came to know about Data School while doing Makeover Monday projects and found it the perfect opportunity to work on real life situations. In her free time, she loves reading and painting.