Cryptocurrency Dashboard:

The third day of the project week was about “cryptocurrencies” and we had to extract data from this Rapid API website which is :“” .

I extracted the data from that API and my colleague, Binbin’s blog really helped me with doing that. Also, besides that, I decided to extract historical data of the last month to capture the daily trend and enriching my analysis. So,  I used the “” website to get historical data for 1 month,  August 2021.

I joined both data sets using Alteryx and came up with my final dashboard.

Tableau Dashboard:

This dashboard is divided into two dashboards, and you are able to navigate within those two.

The top bar shows the top 10 cryptocurrencies’ price, market cap, and volume and by using the filter pane you are able to compare those ten cryptocurrencies with each other.

The second bar displays the percentage change of top 10 cryptocurrencies within the selected time interval. For the filter pane, I used different measures as filters by creating some parameters for them. So using this graph one could compare cryptos based on those parameters as depicted in the figure below.


By clicking on the sign on the top right, you will navigate to the second dashboard which displays daily trends for the crypto price, market cap, and volume for August 2021.


I spent a lot of time on this dashboard and finally, I felt happy. Time permitting maybe I’ll write a blog to how to build such a cool dashboard.

On this dashboard by choosing different crypto, you see that background color and logo change as well. I play around with different functionalities of Tableau and found a quite interesting way to do that.

And here is how the color changes by selecting different crypto.

Also, I was inspired by Toan on how to build this dashboard, and actually, I tried to reengineer it with some new modifications.






Azin Fakour
Author: Azin Fakour