Going to Melbourne City without worrying about parking spots:

In the dashboard week every day, we have to work on different datasets and build an interesting dashboard based on them, so for today’s dashboard, we used the Census of Land Use and Employment (CLUE) dataset. see what interesting projects we can define based on its data.

As finding parking has always been an annoying thing for me when I am going to CBD for shopping or other stuff. So, I decided to build a dashboard to help with finding parking spots around various places one can visit in CBD.

Alteryx Workflow:

First I wrangled data by creating an Alteryx workflow as follows:

I Joined Café and restaurants, Business establishments trading names and parking spot datasets with shapefile of blocks and areas of Melbourne city, and here is the result:

Tableau Dashboard:

Using the wrangled data, I started to build my dashboard. This dashboard initially was a drill-down one sited on the map of Melbourne. It is meant to be used for finding different places based on filters provided in the dashboard. By filters, you are able to filter out different places you want to go in terms of the industry name like café, retail, etc, and suburb names in the CBD and select the parking type.

For instance, I select Accommodation, then the map shows me the suburb only have an accommodation facility in it , like below:

Colors show the number of each facility, for instance, the more yellowish the color, the more number of accommodations existed in that suburb. So, for example, I prefer the yellowish one which is in Parkville suburb, after selecting this we will see the following view:

This view shows the location of properties and also it shows parking availability. (we are able to filter the type of parking as well which includes commercial, residential, and private parking)

And in the table, we can see different information for each accommodation, the number of parking spots, etc.

By clicking on the yellow button on the top right, you can go back to the first view of the dashboard!

Yes, it was my first day of dashboard week😊

Azin Fakour
Author: Azin Fakour