The World’s Top 100 Universities:

On the fourth day of dashboard week, we had to build our dashboard on the server. This project had been defined because usually in the placements we have to work with Tableau Server, so we need to get used play with different functionalities of the server.

Also, as our project was about global university ranking, we had to do some web scraping of a website for university ranking. Hence, I built an Alteryx workflow as follows to scrape data for 2021-2022 and 2020-2021 rankings.

Alteryx Workflow

Tableau Dashboard:

Then I built my dashboard based on the data I scraped. My main goal was to compare top 100 universities ranking between 2020 and 2021 and find the improved and lagged universities. Then dig in to see which criteria is the most contributing factor in changing the ranking of a given university.


Finally, I tried to see the existence and magnitude of two-by-two correlation among ranking criteria including:‌Quality of education, Alumni employment, Quality of the Faculty and Research performance. And here is my dashboard.

Some insights:

Chinese universities’ average ranks have increased by 8 points as the most improved country, And Taiwanese universities have decreased by 4 points as the country with the worst performance between 2021 and 2022 rankings. And we can see exactly in which criteria they did well and in which criteria they did not so well.

In the second dashboard, as we may expect we do not see any negative relation between any of the two factors. The most significant positive relation can be seen between the quality of the education and the quality of the faculty members and it is self-explanatory. However, there is no meaningful relationship between for example quality of the education and research performance which demonstrates that research performance is not dependent on the quality of the education that much (At least in these selected universities). It makes sense as the research output is based on academics’ activity and their attitude to publishing papers in a university that might not necessarily provide high-quality educational services or vice versa.

And Finally….

Hope you enjoy reading my blog and only one project remains for tomorrow!!!

Azin Fakour
Author: Azin Fakour