About Me

After finishing my masters’ degree in Technology Management, I migrated to Australia, hoping to experience a new life in the land of Kangaroos and Emus! My serious passion for data traced back to when I became a research assistant at the University of Melbourne to work with the Australian real-time dataset. Getting my hands dirty with large spreadsheets, cleaning, and managing data triggered my passion to define my dream job as a data analyst.


Application Process; The First Two Steps!

I found the data school program on SEEK. At that time, there was just one office in Sydney, while I was based in Melbourne!  I was determined about the Data School as I read the website carefully, attended the seminars, and talked to some of its alumni. So, I kept an eye on their social media regularly, and it worked! After a couple of months, they announced their plan to lunch Melbourne’s office and the first intake in June 2021.

As I was very enthusiastic about the program structure, I started to learn Tableau through online courses and prepared myself to create an eye-catching VIS for the first step of the application. I sent the first sketch of my VIS one week before the deadline to get feedback from the Data School team. And that was the point I found that Data School is the right company to work for! I received excellent comments and detailed feedback that helped me to level up my VIS considerably. Thus, I submitted the revised version for the first step of applications.

A couple of days after the deadline, I received an invitation email for the second step, an online interview! At that step, I presented my first VIS, which I had found the dataset by myself. I had tried to torch the data to talk about the Melbourne housing market (!). The interview committee asked me some questions to see whether I am on top of things. Then some questions arose about my passion, how I found data school, and what I know about the program.


Application Process; Final Step!

After a few days, I received an email (and how exciting these emails are) for the third/final step. It was a face-to-face interview. In addition, I was assigned a super large dataset to make a VIS out of it. So I had to prepare a presentation for the interview day. Finding a meaningful insight and story behind that large dataset was challenging, but I had to do my best.

The final interview had two parts. In the first 30 minutes, I presented my VIS, insights, and results that I could capture from that dataset. And the second 30 minutes interview was more like HR-type job interview that inquires about my background, passion, skills, visa, availability, etc.

AND The day after the interview day, I received a call mentioning that, fortunately, there would be no more steps! I got accepted to the program!!

This was a long journey, but it worth it. And now I am so happy to be part of this great, supportive, and dynamic team.

I hope this could help anyone like me who wants to join this program and hope to enjoy this journey.


And Few Last Points:

  • Just be yourself!
  • Send your application before the deadline and ask for feedback from the data school team. They are really nice, and their comments are really helpful.
  • Practice your presentation as much as possible before the interview and try to find an integrated and comprehensive story behind your VIS. You can search within the news and media to find relevant stories behind the trends.
  • And again, just be yourself!




Azin Fakour
Author: Azin Fakour