Sometimes you may like to show more detail about your chart in the dashboard by selecting each sector and hide it when deselecting it.

Pop Chart is a great tool for that. It helps you to select /deselect charts to show more detail in the dashboard, like the following example:

In this dashboard, we want to see the sales amount of each city in the state. By clicking on each state location, we are able to see the sales information for different cities of the selected state.

So, there are a few steps to create such a cool dashboard:

1-Dataset and sheets

-Dataset: I used Sample superstore to build this dashboard.

– Map sheet: drag ‘state’ to the row, then drag ‘Sales’ to the column and choose ‘map’ as a graph type.

– Sales sheet: drag ‘State’ and ’City’ to the rows and ‘sales’ on the column. Then choose “Highlight Tables” from “Show Me” on the top right.


-Drag a vertical container to the dashboard.

-Insert sheets into the dashboard. So, at this point dashboard looks like this

3- Dashboard actions

Select the Dashboard tab on the top of the window, then select Actions. Add an action filter and configure the window like this:

Make sure the Run action is on ‘Select’ and under the ‘Clearing the Selection will:’ select ‘Exclude all values’. Once a bar has been deselected, this will hide the sheet.

And there you have it, a dashboard with the functionalities just like the one shown in the GIF above!!

Azin Fakour
Author: Azin Fakour