I’m writing my first blog about my data school journey and how was my first week with Data school down under.

I was so excited for the first day at Data School that I was not able to sleep on time previous night. Obviously It a day with mixed feelings which includes enthusiasm, curiosity, devotion, zealousness, eagerness and what not!!


It was a change for everyone in my family. Usually I dropped my daughter to her school but now its Daddy’s turn. I started around 7am  for 100, Harris street, Pyrmont (We Work –  The Data School Office) as our arriving time was scheduled for 8:30. I took CCN and reached Central Station,from there enjoyed meandering in Sydney Light Rail (Never had experienced it before in Sydney since Nov 2016).

Reached Data School Office in time and were warmly welcomed by Craig, Head Coach, DSDU.

Each cohort got 10- 15 minutes to talk with fellow cohort  and then  introduce him/her  to rest of the team.

The introductions were followed by convival speech by Peter Kokinakos (COO, MIP) 

Then it was time to find out more about our fancy “We work office” and sort out admin stuff including access cards.When we were back to office to our desk, a surprise was waiting for us.  Whoo hoo!! Got our fancy XPS and other cool stuff. Thanks Craig and DSDU for our DS kit, Ben for know how technically and Faye for documentation.

The day signed off with an end to end programme details by Craig followed by welcome drinks.  

Take away: A well-planned beginning is the corner-stone for any successful programme. Thanks DSDU for well-planned day one.


Day started with an impressive talk about Alteryx by Jody John Philips (Country Manager, Alteryx).  It was really very inspiring  to see what Alteryx can do in just few clicks which otherwise will take much longer.

Peter Goldsworthy introduced us the Alteryx by facilitating very organized session with self- explanatory notes along with live demo of key tools in Alteryx. By the end of day I had learnt key tools which can do magic in minutes.

Take away: Happy and Sad feelings. Why I didn’t learn Alteryx before and  it could have saved me a lot of efforts and time in manipulating data.


Morning started with interesting Alteryx challenge. We started with three teams and it was fun working together and watching different approaches. Post that we learnt about blending different file types and joining different database and file data along with data parsing.

Take Away: A fool with a tool remains a fool but right learning, right tool and right mind-set can create wonders.


It the day when we started the Regex tool, for the first few minutes it looked difficult to me but after one hour or so it was great to use.

Take Away: Resilience is the key to success


Time for week 1 Project :  we had to supplement and blend dataset we used for our DSAU application, this time by using Alteryx.Same data set but with improved knowledge of Alteryx created much enhanced outcome this time.

To my note, I would also like to appreciate the guidance on blogging and here we go with my first blog ever.

I’ll keep on posting about my journey.

Babita Dalal
Author: Babita Dalal