It was a wow moment for me When Craig confirmed my admission at DSDU. And since then my journey to learn Alteryx and Tableau started. In the beginning, I was not sure of anything- how things will work out for me as it was a career- change for me with no IT background. But I am impressed by Data School curriculum as everything is well- organized and planned.

DSDU is Unique

The uniqueness of  The data School is the selection procedure. They select you for what you can do instead of what you have done in the past. They don’t need CVs. The same thing was also mentioned by Steve, CEO of MIP at our Graduation ceremony. We select only those  candidates who have ‘spark’.

Time Flies

Its very true- time flies when you have awesome company with amazing people around. Same happened with me at DSDU. We had a great team of seven, having different background and different culture but aiming at the same goal.  All these weeks,  we were there for each other in the hour of need. We believed in collaboration, not just cooperation.

First Timers

During these 16 weeks, we were phenomenally coached and guided by our head coach Craig along with other coaches from MIP and a visiting faculty (Jonathan MacDonald) from UK Data School. Without their guidance and mentorship, this journey could not be possible.

I have witnessed  so many first-in-life events in data school – namely my first workflow in Alteryx, building macros, sourcing information from various sites using APIs(to be honest I had never dreamed of that I’ll use something whose basics are also not known to me few days back) my first client project, my first project- leader  experience, my first blog, my first client presentation and many more.

Loads of Learning

The learning curve at the data school is very steep. Especially for someone like me, who has moved from lecturing literature to solving client’s problem by using data. But this transition was possible because the course content is planned so well that everyone in our cohort can see the big picture and connect the dots from each day. Thanks to Tom Brown, Andy Krieble and Data School,UK for creating the perfect recipe which was customised with Aussie flavour by Craig.

In data school, every alternate week we had client- project week, which was a great exposure to real world of data. All of DSers got a chance of becoming team- leader in the client- project weeks. We worked on the data from banks, universities, education, infrastructure and NGOs. The most special day was Friday. During client -week on each Friday, we had to present our final outcome to clients and a big smile on client’s face after each presentation was always a huge reward for each of us.

During non-client weeks, , we were presented with many on- the- spot challenges on real data and we had extensively used Alteryx and Tableau.  Besides we also had workshops on data modelling, predictive analytics, design principles, Alteryx Spatial tools, just to name a few. Towards the end of the training, we also had a teaching week and dashboard week which was basically summing up of all our learning at the data school.

Cherry on the top, by the end of twelfth week, we all were certified professionals of Alteryx and Tableau.

In the end, my suggestion to the future cohorts is learn as much as you can but at the same time don’t forget to enjoy this journey from good to great.


Babita Dalal
Author: Babita Dalal