How to decide where you should or should not open a new franchisee?

 Alteryx Spatial tools makes it easy to find correct location.

.     Collect data of your current franchise and prepare their centroid and their customer traffic

·        First of all, you need to use the ‘Create Points’ tool to create a spatial point for each data point. Connect ‘create points’ with both files. Write names to      X field and Y field as store longitude, store latitude, client longitude and client latitude respectively.

·        To find the trade area,  you can use ‘Trade Area’ tool by selecting appropriate trade area for each store.

·        Next you will use ‘Spatial Match’ tool which will combine our store data with client data. Here you will select Spatial Object Trade Area as Target Input. In Universe, select U record from U input, Spatial Object Field Centroid and from dropdown select where Target contains Universe. (means where the clients are contained in the store trade area)

·        We will use ‘Distance’ tool for calculating the distance from the store for those clients who comes under the store trade area. Connect ‘Distance, tool with matched output of the Spatial Match tool and changed point,line or polygon destination to Client Point. Add browse tool and run the work flow. Click browse tool and zoom to see the clients within the Store trade areas.

·        Find nearest store to each client : To find nearest store to each client connect ‘Find Nearest’ tool and connect the Client Create points tool to the Target and the store create points tool to the universe input.



·        For extracting details from convex hull trade area, we will connect ‘Summarize’ tool with matched side of ‘Find Nearest’ tool. For extracting information from summarise tool we will connect  ‘Spatial Info’ tool. It will extract information like area, centroid as spatial object,centroid as X and Y fields etc. After adding browser you can see various polygon, Polyline and Centroid.

.        For finding clients not in store area add browse tool after unmatched ‘Nearest’ tool and you can find n number of client that are not within 20 km of any store.

 Using this information you can decide where we have clients but no store in vicinity.


Babita Dalal
Author: Babita Dalal