Dashboard Week is final upon us! After hearing many harrowing stories about Dashboard Week, we were all a little hesitant to see what the week held for us, but also eager and excited to get stuck in to it.

Our challenge for day 1 was to connect to the Twitch API through IGDB and find a story within the data to present the following morning at 9am sharp (along with a blog post too!). This blog post will document my process throughout the day.


Connecting to the API


Connecting to the Twitch API in Alteryx was relatively easy as the documentation was very detailed and clear. There were multiple endpoints to call, such as Games, Companies, Engines, Age Ratings, Genre, etc… Making sure I wanted to get a sense of the whole picture and how all these tables interact with each other, I aimed to connect to the majority of the endpoints. However, since there was a maximum limit of 500 records per call for each of these endpoints, I created an Iterative Macro in Alteryx to automatically retrieve all the rows of data, making sure I don’t limit the scope of the data by excluding important rows.


Rather than creating a giant unioned table in Alteryx (which would’ve ended up above 3 million rows), I decided to join my fact table (Games) with all the other tables through relationships in Tableau, which in essence would allow me with a touch more flexibility when fields across tables and reducing the occurrence of data duplication.


Building the Tableau Dashboard


Due to the time limits, the data wasn’t as rich as what I had hoped for. So in lack of that, I decided to focus more on the design element of the dashboard and have a bit of fun with it. Since we connected to the Twitch API, I decided to make a layout in Figma that mimics the Twitch user interface.


For my dashboard story, I decided to focus on the impacts of the gaming boom on Twitch, specifically the increase in violent and antisocial games being released and played by a demographic that seems to be getting younger and younger as the years progress.


To check out my dashboard, click here https://public.tableau.com/app/profile/ben.devries5282/viz/DashboardWeekDay1_17095713517540/Dashboard1?publish=yes


Final Thoughts


Well, what a start to Dashboard Week! I certainly understand now that it is super important to get you data sorted early, and get building as soon as possible. There’s only so many hours in the day, and it is important to prioritize getting out a MVP rather than perfecting every little thing. My aim for tomorrow is to try and manage my time better so I can start building in Tableau much, much earlier!

Ben Devries
Author: Ben Devries

Ben graduated with a Bachelor of Music Performance (Honours) from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2023. For the last few years, Ben spent his time working as a professional jazz saxophonist which led him all around the world performing in cities such as London, San Fransisco, and of course, Sydney. But despite his musical background, Ben’s interest in data analytics came from his passion for problem solving and understanding the little details of how and why things work. From there, Ben went on to discover the Data School Down Under, and throughout the interview process became further inspired not only by the logic and flexibility of data, but also the ability for data to provide valuable insights to help solve complex business problems and present meaningful stories. Ben is excited to join Data School Down Under, and hopes to utilise his creativity, improvisational skills, and ability to draw connections upon diverse areas of information learnt as a musician within his new career in data analytics. In his spare time, Ben still enjoys playing his saxophone, as well as downhill longboarding, and spending time with his family.