Today is day 3 of the dashboard week. We are halfway through!! The challenge assigned to us this morning was the API challenge. We need to download the cryptocurrency data from the Coinpaprika API and, as always, build a tableau dashboard.

The dashboard I built

Today I built a simple and clean dashboard focus on visualising the volatility of cryptocurrencies. These data include the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap and their prices over the past two years. From the BANs on the top of the dashboard, you can straight see the maximum price, minimum price, maximum price rise in a month and maximum price fall in a month. These numbers demonstrate how volatile bitcoin is. The bottom chart shows the detailed price change of bitcoin over the past two years.

You can also use the year and quarter filters at the top to drill down. To change the cryptocurrency, type the name or ticker symbol in the box in the upper left corner. Furthermore, if you hover over the price chart in the tooltip, you can see the percentage difference of price change in the next 30 days relative to the hover date. The viz in tooltip will give you a more intuitive view of price fluctuations.

Click here to access the dashboard.

Binbin Chen
Author: Binbin Chen

Binbin came to Australia and studied mechanical engineering at Monash University. After earning a bachelor's degree, he pursued a PhD degree and worked as a part-time teaching associate at Monash University during the period. When analysing data in research projects involving human eye movements, he discovered his enthusiasm for data. He was delighted to learn about Data School Down Under as it provides a unique opportunity to start a career as a data analyst through a thoughtful training program. Outside of work, Binbin enjoys watching historical and political videos. He is also an anime fan!