Finally, the last challenge of Dashboard Week!! Today we have less time to complete the dashboard and blog because we need to present at 3 pm. We were given the BASIX certificate data for single dwellings from 2011-12 to 2018-19.

Data wrangling:

The data is very clean, so I loaded it directly to Tableau to build the dashboard. I did use Alteryx to generate a separate dataset in which I pivoted the type of water usage to a single column to build a bubble chart.

What did I build?

Due to time constraints, I chose to focus on the dwellings’ usage of rainwater. Here is a screenshot of my dashboard.

Some insights:

  • Around August and September 2015, the volume of rainwater tanks for newly certified dwellings dropped to the lowest level.
  • Rainwater was mainly used for gardening and lawns, laundry, and toilet flushing.
  • Household water and hot water mainly relied on the town water supply.
  • Dwellings that do not use rainwater for laundry and toilet flushing also relied mainly on the town water supply.
  • For gardening and lawns, reticulated alternative water was the second-largest source of water after rainwater.


Click here to access the dashboard.


Binbin Chen
Author: Binbin Chen

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