Day 5 is finally here. After a long exhausting week, we’ve received a smaller dataset on Australian Car Registrations and other related info from the Australian Bureau of Statistics. It was only a half day project so time management was super important again.

The Excel file had 9 sheets in it which all needed a little manipulation in Alteryx in order to be useful in Tableau. I probably spent a little too long on the manipulation and making them dynamic, even the parts that I was never going to use:


I was then short on time and with limited data I wanted to find a consistent story. I thought it was interesting that registrations were going up (especially in the Eastern States), however some car brands were struggling. I’m not sure that I nailed this one, but I was happy to be finished day 5 of Dashboard week and signing off on all 5 (until the next iterations of course ?)

Here’s the final viz:


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Blake Stroh
Author: Blake Stroh