Why I joined the Data School Australia

Only 5 days in and already some of the topics that we’ve been chatting about outside of class include lifelong learning, focusing on habits, strong mentors, adapting to change, and personal growth to name a few. These are the things that inspire me. I’ve come to realise that the Data School Australia provides a framework to attract like-minded ambitious problem solvers with similar interests.

Anyone who’s made it into the program has already proven through the application process that they take initiative, learning Tableau and presenting 2 Viz’s, showing the willingness to take responsibility for a project and run with and complete it successfully. There’s also the ingrained idea within the community of constant little challenges (workouts), that all combined, add up to help constant development and learning.

I know that I had some great some great technical reasons at first for joining the data school. The great training, developing my presentation skills, the industry connections, which have all been covered in some great posts including by Katharine Peace and UK Founder Tom Brown.

However, outside of the technical learning, these personal growth topics that we’ve been discussing are the kind of things that really interest me. They are challenging, but by seeing these small wins in action around me, and also the results of them over time in the graduates, it is great inspiration for me along this path. Not to mention the Sports Analytics gurus, Statistitions and Data Scientists that I’ve already been lucky enough to meet in this first week.

Anyway, that was just a few of my initial thoughts on not only why I joined the Data School Australia, but why I’m stoked with how it’s been going so far and the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet already! Hopefully a bit can rub off on me.

Blake Stroh
Author: Blake Stroh