During my first placement, I had a chance to get my feet wet and start working with H2O DAI (Driverless AI). This is a state of the art platform that has been designed to solve complex ai problems easily. The platform does not require to have programming skills as well as Alteryx and Tableau learned at the Data School. These three tools create a solid foundation for solving complex problems in Data Analysis, Data and Feature Engineering, Machine Learning, Data Science and AI.

The H2O DAI has an intuitive GUI, and even a beginner can quickly start working with this platform. You will need to create a project, upload a dataset prepared for modelling and create an experiment within the project. You will have to choose between supervised and unsupervised options, choose the model, select the hyperparameters and run the experiment. By the end of the experiment, you get all the metrics you need and a report generated in the word document ready to be submitted to the stakeholders. All these can be done, as earlier mentioned, without programming. Amazing, is not it?

I will continue learning H20 and keep you posted.




Boris Kushnarev
Author: Boris Kushnarev