We’ve finished building the bar in the chart in Part1 Blog. Now we’re going to add two reference lines to the chart. One shows the average sales in 2018 and another one shows average sales in 2019.

Step 1: Click Analysis on the left and Drag Reference Line to Table.

Then the right window shown below will pop up and in the drop-down list of Value, we cannot see “2018 sales” or “2019 sales”. In this way, we can’t create separate reference lines for each year. Thus, we need to drag “2018 sales” and “2019 sales” into Detail.


Step 2: Drag “2018 sales” and “2019 sales” into Detail. 

Now we can add two reference lines, one for sales in 2018 and one for sales in 2019.

Step 3: Right-click the reference line to edit or format it.

All done! Now you can apply bar in bar chart and reference line in your cases!

Camille Shi
Author: Camille Shi