Every Tableau user should be familiar with mapping. But do you know that you can create a customized background to visualize the data by mapping? Let’s see how to build a football field in Tableau!

There is something that should be prepared before the creation starts, which are :

  • The football game data with X & Y coordinates in it.
  • A plain football pitch picture.

Then we can start!

Step 1:  Import the data to tableau and then open a new sheet.

Step 2: Click map on the top bar, hover onto Background Images and then select sheet 1.

Step 3: Click “Add Image…” on the pop-up window.

Step 4: Click Browse or type URL to insert the football pitch picture.

Step 5: After that, a football pitch preview will display. Select the X Field and Y Field data which will be mapped on the background pitch. Adjust the Range of X Field and Y Field based on the range of X/Y to set up the boundary of the background to achieve the best fit.

Step 6: Finally, a football pitch shows up on the sheet and the positions of players are plotted on the field!


Camille Shi
Author: Camille Shi