My first day working as a Data Schooler was also my first day approaching Alteryx Designer, which was an amazing experience for me. Alteryx is a fantastic product for every data worker. Have no idea what it is? Watch the video below to get how it works.


Impression of Alteryx Designer on the First Day

Alteryx Designer enables everyone to design his or her workflow on data regardless of coding ability. Various tool icons form the workflow, which visualises the process of data preparation. In this way, users can review each step of data processing intuitively and conveniently.


Besides, people can view the input and output data for each step by clicking the anchors in the result field to check if the tool is correctly applied.

First Meeting with Some Interesting Tools

  • Auto Field Tool 

The Auto Field Tool can automatically change the field type by reading through all of the records and setting the field type to the smallest possible size, which is a convenient way to adjust data type.

  • Join Multiple Tool 

Use Join Multiple Tool to combine 2 or more inputs based on a commonality between the input tables and outputs is full-out join by default. This tool makes it available to join many data sets at one step, which certainly improves efficiency.

  • Email Tool

The email tool is designed to send an email for each record in your dataset. It also enables people to add attachments and view email-generated reports. The Email tool runs as the last tool in the workflow. Here is a useful video about the email tool.


Feeling for the First Day with Alteryx

I have some experience using Python, Excel and Tableau Prep to prepare data, but the first day of Alteryx made me almost scream out. How powerful it is! I have started to think about the time I had wasted on handling large quantities of repeated works. It’s never too late to learn something new, the adventure you take will strengthen you at last. Don’t hesitate to apply for Data School because you’re gonna learn one of the best emerging data-related tools in the world!   


Camille Shi
Author: Camille Shi