What is an Alteryx Macro?

Alteryx Macro is a workflow or a group of tools built into a single tool that can be inserted into another workflow, which is essential when you repeat an analytics process several times.

There are 4 types of Macros including Standard Macro, Batch Macro, Iterative Macro and Location Optimizer Macro. Basically, there are 3 different types because the Location Optimizer Macro is an Iterative Macro that can be applied in network analysis to identify optimal locations.

Standard Macro

  • A  workflow is encapsulated as a tool that is inserted into another workflow.
  • The macro repeats several times after each run of a workflow and it is executed once for each record in the whole input dataset.

Batch Macro

  • This macro runs several times as a tool in a workflow and creates an output after each run.
  • The macro runs once for each record(or a selected group of records) in data.
  • The input of the Macro is configured so that batch macro can be applied in each run of the workflow or only in specific runs.

Iterative Macro

  • This macro runs for every record and then loop the records back into the workflow, repeated as many times as desired or until a condition is met.

Recommendation for Building Macros

Build a workflow first and convert it into a macro, which can maximally avoid some possible mistakes.


Camille Shi
Author: Camille Shi