Dashboard week is one of the most signature sessions in The Data School training. In this session, the cohort will be given one or several specific datasets and create a corresponding dashboard. The aiming of dashboard week is to develop excellent time management and data visualisation skills.



Today is the second day of dashboard week and the topic is YouTube trending. This dataset includes several months (and counting) of data on daily trending YouTube videos. Data is included for the IN, US, GB, DE, CA, FR, RU, BR, MX, KR, and JP regions, with up to 200 listed trending videos per day.


Data Preparation

The dataset is relatively clean and the only point that required attention is the video ID could be duplicated. I selected the data of US, GB, FR and RU to figure out the public opinion of Ukraine. The biggest challenged I faced is that the language of RU dataset is Russian. I learned and configured a Python translator to translate them into English, which took a lot of time. Finally, I unioned data of US, UK and FR as they are members of NATO.



Below is the screenshot of my dashboard:

The topic of this dashboard is conflict and war. The dashboard is divided into two parts, the left is charts and information regarding NATO and on the right, there are charts and information about Russia. I applied completely different colours to two parties to enhance the sense of conflict. The black background symbolises the desperate war and the white title is silently calling peace.

Chen Zhang
Author: Chen Zhang