You have stumbled across the Data School Down Under, and one of your very first questions may be why should I train for 4 months, with 24 months of placements? For me, the answer was simple to pour my heart into the unconventional application process when I thought about these 7 reasons to begin a career in Data Analytics.


1. Society Revolves Around Data

Data is being recorded at a rapid rate, most of which is not being used effectively to solve the questions of today. Due to all this Data floating around, there is a great opportunity for a career shift into Data Analytics as many people do not know how to manipulate data sets from a multitude of locations and files to solve problems. From a long-term focus, technology is constantly evolving but Data Analytics is seen to be a secure career path going forward as it requires human interaction.


2. Society Demands Data Analysts

A burning issue in the Australian job market is many career paths being saturated with talent. This links nicely with point 1 as there are fewer applicants skilled to fill the growing needs of finding insights and visualizing data. This has a side benefit of feeling inherently valuable as if you have a special talent.


3. Be a Part of a Great Community

The Data School as a workplace culture is both described as intense and rewarding. From my first week, I have experienced a whole range of emotions, but I enjoyed going to work and facing the daily mysterious challenges that the coaches had for us. There is a real sense of comradery. This comradery is extended to the general community, which is exhibited through community forums, conferences, and general events.


4. Find Solutions to Industries and Domains that interest you

We all have hobbies but working for your favorite brand/industry/hobby is different when you are a Data Analyst. As an individual, you can provide invaluable insights to see growth in your passions, being a major contributor to the success of the industry or domain. Naturally, you will enjoy going to work and transforming the data, giving your career longevity.


5. Learn new skills and technologies, including the power of Alteryx and Tableau

There is something magical about the tools you learn. It is very amazing the possibilities in preparing data through Alteryx and creating interactive visualizations through Tableau, and this only gets more fascinating the more you realize that you will never really stop learning. Coming from a marketing background, I have always been fascinated with consumer behaviors, and surprisingly this is one of the many areas which you learn about in a Data Analytics career.


6. The skills you learn are transferable to other professions

In the unlikely event that you don’t want to pursue Data Analytics after your training, the question you need to ask yourself is what are the damages? I propose that apart from a healthy amount of stress and some late nights of learning, the result of the training is learning skills that you can use in future career paths. A great part of the Data School is having so many students from different backgrounds, and what I’ve come to understand is that the real value in Data Analytics is incorporating many areas of knowledge to create leading solutions.


7. $$$


Personal finances are an important consideration as expenses don’t pay themselves, but I would caution against endeavoring in Data Analytics if your priority is your bank balance. Nonetheless, there are monetary rewards to being highly skilled in programs such as Alteryx and Tableau, and more than anything this is a result of the current data-driven society.


There you have it, my top 7 reasons to begin a Data Analytics career. If the top 6 reasons weren’t enough, 7 definitely “peaked” your interest (this is funny as our cohort had hiking data for DSAU5 applications). Anyhow… remember to register here if you haven’t done so already, and happy data visualizing/reading Data School blogs.