Finally, the famous dashboard week coming into us DSAU18.

On the first day of the dashboard week. We were given the API from Aiming to find some insight and story from JSON parsing data.

Data Preparation

Looking for a suitable JSON is not that easy, apart from the technical processing in Alteryx. The hardest part is looking for data with a story to share. I met some obstacles in this matter.

At the very beginning, I was aiming to find relatively simple data. After roughly looking at the API documentation. I choose the ‘Attraction Search’ as I felt there are not many fields so it would be easy to clean. But after I got this data from the workflow below,

I found there was not even one measure in it, and I was so frustrated. But time is limited, so I changed my strategy immediately. The story I want to look at is the events in the state of Queensland. Here is the workflow I got the data, which is much more complicated than the previous one.


Then I got the events’ data from the current day to the end of this year (07/03/2023 – 31/12/2023). After some effort. I made the dashboard and find some insights and stories in this data. Here is my dashboard.

In conclusion, I think the first day of dashboard week is more about the practice of dealing with the API. I think this is a good experience and if I have more time, I will grab more data to make it more informative.


Chuck Wang
Author: Chuck Wang