Oh, Thursday of the dashboard week. I’m literally exhausted.

Today we got the data of the worldwide Power Plant. As usual, we need to find the insights and story of this data.


Preparing the data

This data is relatively clean. I didn’t spend too much time clearing it. And it is quite informative, and it can create many stories. I said this because it is totally different from Wednesday, which we got the data with only 2 columns! What can I do with only 2 columns?

So, for Wednesday, I didn’t write a blog. All I think was it was a miserable day, and I don’t want to say anything. Also, because the data was too few on Wednesday, I force myself to practice web scraping from the wiki. But the data was still too few.

Thursday is different. The data is much better than Wednesday. Here is the workflow for cleaning. It seems quite long, but nothing hard in this, I made this long workflow because I just wanted to make it as clean as possible.


And I find a story of why there are some power plants with one or more other fuels. I dig into this aspect and find some insights.

  • Only a few countries have Power Plants with one or more other fuels. Most of them are in USA and India.
  • Better performance of power generating with mixed fuels than only one primary fuel.
  • The countries with higher average power-generating plants usually have only one fuel.
  • Most of the primary fuels are dominated by fossil fuels, and a power plant always chooses fossil fuels as other fuels as well.


Also, there are some actions between different charts which can find more stories. In conclusion, I feel that today is better than Wednesday. Only one day left, dashboard week!

Chuck Wang
Author: Chuck Wang