The final day of dashboard week!

Today the data is about Sharks, which is mainly about how the Trend and accidents of sharks attacking human beings in the past 2 centuries.


Data cleaning

We got the data at 9.00 am, which was quite messy data. I never thought that during the Friday dashboard, we still need to clean so much data. But the journey needs to go on, I opened the Alteryx, thinking about the story when I clean it.

Here is my workflow.

I want to focus on a few fields such as gender, fatality, age, and country. Also, my story would focus on how to avoid Shark attacks. I found some insights into this story.


  • Before the 20th century, if attacked by a shark, people are more likely going die. But with development of the modern society, the dead ratio is much lower than before.
  • The 1960s counterculture movement is a peak time of Sharks attacking humans.
  • Before the 1970s the most activity that was easily attacked by sharks is swimming, but after that, more and more people go into surfing. I become sharks’ favourite activity.
  • Males are much more than females attacked by sharks throughout history.


Here is my dashboard.

In conclusion, the 5 days of the dashboard week is a really special experience for me. We got totally different obstacles every single day. Under these high-intensity pressures, I think I become more data-sensitive and get more information on how to deal with difficulties. What a miserable and informative and wonderful experience.


Chuck Wang
Author: Chuck Wang