I first learned about the Data School at a Jobs Fair on June 28th, 2022. At that time, I just learned about machine learning with Python and R. My next natural step was to start using Tableau for data visualization.

During that career expo, I talked with one of their staff, who explained how to apply to the school by exploring a dataset and creating a Tableau dashboard.

After I went home, I looked at some successful dashboards created by previous cohorts on the data school website, which inspired me to teach myself Tableau. The nearest application deadline was September 25th, so I made a schedule to learn Tableau and aimed to upload my dashboard by September 16th to ensure I didn’t miss the chance to apply.

Preparing for Success:

To prepare for my application, I studied the successful dashboards from previous cohorts and analysed the data storytelling technique used in their dashboards. I focused on how to tell a story with data and tried to discover the “why” behind their analyses, not just the “what.” I also wrote a presentation script for my dashboard, rehearsing it almost 30 times. I knew that storytelling would be the most critical element of my application, and I wanted to make sure I got it right.

Submitting my Dashboard:

I submitted my dashboard on Thursday, and the following day, AlexTJ replied with suggestions on how I could improve my dashboard. I appreciated his promptness and feedback, which helped me make adjustments before the final submission. I was quite nervous about the first interview, but I did my best to present and tell the story of my dashboard. They informed me that I would receive the results of my application by mid-October. I spent the next few weeks waiting anxiously, but fortunately, I was able to distract myself by watching the Women’s Basketball World Cup live in Sydney Olympic Park.

The Final Interview:

On October 16th, I received an email for the final interview. They provided a large dataset of Australian charity companies for me to create a dashboard within two weeks. I worked hard to create a logical and visually appealing dashboard, ensuring that my storytelling was compelling and engaging. The day I received the offer was one of the most exciting moments of my life, and I will never forget the effort and dedication it took to get there.


In conclusion, the journey to applying to the Data School was an exciting and challenging process. Throughout my experience, I learned that storytelling is a crucial part of data analysis, and I worked hard to master this skill. The Data School provided an opportunity to refine my skills, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to pursue a career in data. By studying successful dashboards and focusing on data storytelling, I was able to create a compelling dashboard and successfully pass the final interview. I will never forget the moments leading up to my acceptance into the Data School, and I am excited to see where this path takes me in my data career.

Chuck Wang
Author: Chuck Wang