In this blog post, I would like to share two interesting ways to use LOD.

  • LOD as dimension
  • LOD with condition (Include & Fixed way Comparison)


If you use tableau for a while, you must hear LOD, which is the Level of detailed calculation. One of the most powerful features in tableau.

In this blog. I would not share some traditional ways of using LOD, which means dragging LOD results as the measure. I want to share 2 cool features of using LOD that I learned from the data school. I think they are pretty cool.


  1. LOD as dimension

Take the Superstore data as an example, what if we want to know how many customers make a certain number of orders? Like the bar chart shown below:

In the middle of the bar chart, we can see that there are 140 customers who made 6 orders. And only 2 of the customers made 14 or 15 orders. So how do we do that kind of ‘Number of Order distribution’? Here is what I learned.

The LOD is created based on the ‘Customer ID’ and ‘Order ID’.

After it was created, the colour of it is green, which means it is a measure. But if we want to discrete the numbers on the X-axis (as the bar chart shows). We need to drag it into the dimension.

Then we can drag it to the Column. Drag the Count distinct of customer ID to the Row as Measure.

Then the distribution of how many customers make specific orders is ready in the view.


  1. LOD with Condition

Still in the dataset of Superstore, if we want to know that within each category, how many customers have 800+ profit?

It is quite easy to put the profit in the filter and count the index of each Customer ID, which would be like the table below.

We can see those 27 customers over 800 profits in the category of Furniture. But this way is not easy to visualise, and we cannot compare this number with the total.

So LOD can help us to do that.


  • Include way

First, make a simple bar chart.

Then create the LOD and parameter of profit.

Then drag to the colour, which can show the number of customers in this certain condition.

  • Fixed way

The Include way is good, but not good enough. I want to show the calculated and total numbers in the same bar. Only the Fixed LOD can help me to deal with it, because of the order of operation in the tableau.

Then drag it to the dimension.

Drag to the colour, it would split the bar into two parts, which shows the result clearly.


Chuck Wang
Author: Chuck Wang