In this blog, I would like to share as a project leader, how to cooperate with team members and the personal task of a project leader.


Personal Task of project leader

  1. It is a totally different job.

Not like the team member only need to focus on their own tasks. For the team leader, more than 70% of the time should be spent on the person, which means your team members.

It is essential to always remember your own task. Don’t spend too much of your own time doing the technical things, which should be done by the team members.

Think about creating a bit of a project plan on the different steps that the teams should be going through, so you can check on their progress based on what step they’re up to.

  1. Ask for help from coaches.

It is common for the first-time project leader, there are many things we don’t know how to do and where to start. But coaches are experienced, we can always find the coach to ask them questions, no matter how simple it is.

More importantly, the coaches are the most suitable role to be the bad guy. Sometimes, pushing the team forward is difficult, and we are afraid of offending others. So, the coach can help you to push the team if you are right.

Moreover, when we do our first few times check-ins with team members. It is quite useful to shadow the coaches to do that, which is quite a precious learning experience.


Promoting teamwork

  1. Project plan and Timeboxing

As a project leader, always follow the project plan and timeboxing, if necessary, to make sure the team is on the right track and not spending too much time talking over the same thing too much. Generally, we only have 2 and a half days to do the project.

Make sure you push the teams to move onto the next step if they’re taking too long or make them slow down if they’re rushing.

Ensure that everyone has a clear task if anyone is looking at their laptop and not engaging with the team, just check in with them – don’t rely on team members to do the “people” side of the job for you.

  1. Rehearsal! Rehearsal!

For the client project, the final presentation is about everything. Sometimes, team members may want to make the technical things perfect and ignore the storytelling and presentation practices.

If the final presentation is failed, all the effort of the whole week is totally wasted. So make sure there are at least twice of presentation rehearsals. To find out things that should be improved or modified. Because practice makes things perfect.

Chuck Wang
Author: Chuck Wang