Eat Well, Feel Well, Look Well: Insights into Australian Food Composition

As a part of the Data School Training program, we got an opportunity to build a dashboard on Tableau using Food Standards Australia New Zealand. This assignment had to be completed by all members of the cohort individually. The data consists of five files namely: food, nutrient, recipe, retention, and measure.
It was a challenging goal as the dashboard had to build in a single day as well as we had to write this blog. It was a race against the clock. Also, I was not feeling 100% today which made things a bit more complicated.
I started by thinking about focusing on creating a minimum viable product(MVP) dashboard and later enhancing it as we do in the agile method. Firstly, I analysed each of the files to understand the data and the relationship between them. After developing the understanding, I tableau to join the dataset to form relationship with a few transformations. I had to analyse a lot of columns to establish relationships between attributes and make a story.
While creating the dashboard, there were several blockers and learnings that I will have to keep in mind going forward. Following are my learnings:
a) Always focus on the MVP
b) Fail fast. Don’t stick to problems that are consuming too much time. Look for an alternate approach
c) Box Time
d) It is OKAY to fail, what important is to restart

In the end, I was able to create a decent dashboard in a limited time. I am proud of my efforts and am always open to feedback to improve my work.

Dashboard Link: