As a part of data school training during our dashboard week, we got the UK housing price index dataset to create a tableau dashboard. The dashboard has to be created to trend the housing price over years in the UK market. I chose to show only London market. This dashboard is required to be built individually.

The dataset was split by type, average price, index price, and sales volume. So, the initial task was to perform appropriate transformations to bring data into a dashboard consumable format. This took me some time to figure out as I had to select the right column from the dataset to make a dashboard story

I focused on creating a dashboard on the initial dataset and later work to add another external dataset if time permits. In this challenge I mostly concentrated on creating a tableau with more focus on look and feel.

This was a challenging exercise as the data required data cleaning that occupied most of the time, but I was happy to build a MVP dashboard that can definitely help to get insights on London housing market.

Link to my Dashboard: